Fuel tank in container — Fuel tanks, tyres & transportation In Innisfail, QLD

We sell and service fuel tanks, grease guns, pumps and more in Innisfail

For the latest in fuel tanks and equipment, Pizzo’s offer a wide range to suit a variety of applications. Whether you need a trailer tank on wheels, a large container tank for mining or agricultural purposes or a petrol transport tank, we have the storage you need to transport fuel safely and effectively.

Our selection of equipment includes:

Our skilled technicians also provide repairs and maintenance on existing fuel tanks and equipment. We perform a comprehensive clean of your fuel tank, removing any contaminants, degraded fuel and water. We also ensure all fuel dispensing equipment is inspected and fixed as required.

Need your fuel tank installed? Call the friendly team at Innisfail today. We install, repair and service fuel tanks and equipment at an affordable price.